Ziggy the Westie Pup

Ziggy the Westie Pup

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Better than soap on a rope?

I know what you're thinking.  What on earth is that?

Well, it's one of these tied to one of these and it happens to be My Favorite Toy (of the Hour).

Jamie is on a list called westie-l on yahoogroups, and some nice lady suggested I might like chasing a toy on the ground, and she might like keeping all of her fingers and toes intact.

So, she tied a Kong Wubba (the soft, plush version) to a braided, felted leash that doubles as a tug toy and... instant Zigginator.  I hate to say it, but even this thing wears me out after a little while.  But it's so much fun while it lasts, and so much more fun than Jamie getting up and leaving in a middle of a game of "Let's see how fast I can ignore the toy in her hand and go for her fingers instead."  That's a bummer to play, trust me, young pups.

You don't need a special leash--even a rope would do, but it's nice to have a bit of length on the toy at this point, to save those fingers and toes she says are so important (what's so bad about paws and teeth?  Obviously works for me.  Now who's the evolutionary chump, hmmm? Ziggy, 1.  Jamie 0.  That's all I'm saying.)

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  1. Ziggy...Darby from WU here....*whispering* here's what you need. At night, send puppy messages telepathically to Jamie (you can do it...whether her feeble human brain will understand it is another matter altogether) and tell that if you have a "Chase-It Toy" you will become a perfect Westie puppy. Of course, once the toy arrives, you are not committed to anything as the message WAS sent telepathically and you were asleep so you're not responsible. ;-) This toy is da bomb, I'm telling you...it's like a squirrel on a fishing pole and it is SO much fun! Oh...when you send that message just tell Jamie to Google Chase-It Toy (I know...we have to do everything for them...so sad...good thing they have us to take care of them or who knows what would happen!)