Ziggy the Westie Pup

Ziggy the Westie Pup

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Precision Puppy Pen/ Prison, by Ziggy.

I don't care what Jamie has to say about this confinement to a puppy pen business jail; it's a prison in all but name until I say otherwise.   What dignified puppy would say any differently, I ask you, dear reader? 

Seriously!  Quick, people!  Someone call the ASPCA!  Or  PETA!  Or maybe Extreme Makeovers:  Home Edition, at the very least.  Because who in the world of caviar and happy romps on the banks of the Champs Elysee with French dilettante poodles named Georgette decided this thing monstrosity was "luxury pet living"?  Certainly not moi.  

Jamie claims this contraption, which looks like something directly modeled from the Spanish Inquisition torture chambers, will help me "housetrain."  I beg to differ.  I see nothing resembling a train here; not wheels, not a caboose, not a food car.. Nay,  nothing so refined as even steam engine in sight (*because all puppy's train references come from the 19th century, of course.  I'm mean, it's logical, yes?).  And  I certainly refuse to see what part of this chamber of doom is likened to a "house."

 Nay,  I fear it is as I expected.  It's a treacherous plot to keep me confined.  Me.  Little.  sweet. cute.  innocent. Ziggy.

Think of the children, ma'm!  THINK OF THEM NOW, I SAY. 

Well, Jamie can keep her raised flooring and removable waste tray and solid chrome bars instruments of torture.   

The war is not over, dear Jamie.  Oh no!  It has just begun, mon amie!

Vive le France chien libre! Et vive le resistance!

*Jamie's input, there.  


  1. Oh my goodness, that does look rather sterile... you need to get it pimped out like my Momma did for Whitley... She has a pink princess puppy palace now, complete with curtains, and matching pillow!

    I told the other Blogger pups about your blog in a post today...

    Oh, and Ziggy, you maybe you can post your entries over on Dogster, too, as diary entries. If you do, I will direct a ton of pups your way!

  2. Thank you Finley, for your support. We Westies must stick together, you know! And thank you for your resistance strategy of diary entries over at dogster! That's perfect!

  3. Hey Ziggy, Finley sent me over....... don't let the peep put you in that cage.....they are for for small birds!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  4. Hey Ziggy - Finley sent us over to see you. I have four little pups of my own who will soon be going to their new homes (some of them anyway) and they stay in a puppy pen and have great games there. I'm sure your new Mom will have made that pen luxurious with fun things by the time you arrive. Look forward to following your adventures - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  5. Pawesome to see you on my blog! So very grateful you stopped by. Please subscribe by email if you haven't already joined as a Google member (not sure how that works, quite, as I've only been on this planet for 6.5 weeks). I agree the place needs *quite* extensive renovations/i.e. thrown in the dump, to be considered "Westie-approved." Since Jamie will not comply with this request <> I had to bully her into making the place habitable with a soft fleece blanket, plentiful toys, and my very own food and water dishes. HA HA HA, JAMIE! I WIN. (Well, sort of.)

  6. Rubie, I quite agree with your assessment. Is there any way you could telepathically get Jamie to agree?

  7. Hey just poppen over to say WELCOME. Looking forward to hear more about you.

    1. Goose, thanks for dropping by! Pawsome to see you here and hope you'll subscribe if you haven't already. Take care and I'll be posting again real soon! Best, Ziggy